BREAKING NEWS: Nissan executive Jose Munoz resigns from post

Nissan’s Chief Performance Officer Jose Munoz is resigning after going on a leave of absence a week ago, as Automotive News reports.

Munoz has led Nissan’s North America operations since 2014 — his leave of absence was due to an internal probe in relation to ousted chairman Carlos Ghosn. He was meant to focus on “special tasks” relating to the Ghosn investigation until his resignation.

Last year, Munoz was named chairman of Nissan’s China operations, a move seen as one step closer to Nissan’s top post. This news comes as the investigation into Ghosn and his dealings continues to expand beyond him personally. Arun Bajaj, head of human resources at Nissan, is also on a leave of absence at this time.

Former Chairman Carlos Ghosn was arrested nearly two months ago and now faces three indictments. This could potentially leave Ghosn to sit in jail for months on end.

We’ve reached out to Nissan for comment on the Munoz situation and will update when we hear back.

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