SPORT NEWS: WADA finally gains access to Moscow’s ‘tainted’ lab

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has finally gained access to the tainted Moscow laboratory, for collecting data that could incriminate numerous Russian athletes in doping cases of the past.

Russia’s Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov said- “Work has started with the equipment, setting the equipment up and copying the database. Work is proceeding with full coordination because we discussed all the technical and organizational details before then.”

WADA had earlier insisted in September that Russia should turn over the data by Dec. 31 in return for lifting a 3-year suspension of Russia’s national anti-doping agency. Many Western athletes and organizations had criticized WADA for letting Russia provide data after the deadline.


In late December 2018, a WADA delegation left Moscow empty-handed after Russian officials suspected its paraphernalia wasn’t certified under Russian law.

WADA is looking for data covering several years up to 2015 when the laboratory was shut down on its orders. WADA investigations found lab staff regularly covered up botched up drug tests by hundreds of leading Russian athletes across sports.

That eventually led to Russia being penalized with limitations at last year’s Winter Olympics, in Pyongchang where it fielded a smaller-than-usual team under the name “Olympic Athletes from Russia” and a neutral flag.

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