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The Samsung Galaxy S10 may have more than just a fancy screen and triple camera to impress, its insides are set to stun.

Samsung has apparently been working on its own graphics processing unit (GPU) which could make its next phone the fastest gaming mobile yet, but by a long way.

This new GPU isn’t just an upgrade, it’s such a huge jump forward that it could mean virtual reality gaming and more is taken to a new level.

The source that broke the news was so impressed he said: “This is really a big deal — it’s the first new GPU design in 10 years.”

This design is so good that it may appear beyond just phones and work in the likes of aeroplane cockpits and supercomputers, says the source.

The next-level GPU should mean that if it appears in the Galaxy S10, the handset could be used for more virtual reality tasks.

The rumoured 4K Infinity Display on the S10 should mean a high enough resolution to look good even when right in front of the eyes in a VR headset.

Current smartphones often fail to offer the necessary high resolution which means, when held close in a VR headset, there is visible blocking of pixels.

The new GPU could mean virtual reality gaming is a possibility that works far smoother and more power efficient than current smartphones manage to offer.

This could be bad news for Apple which comes from a graphics background and has thus far been put on a graphics processing pedestal by fans.

However, Apple is thought to be developing its own next-gen GPU for the new 2018 iPhones or beyond.

Intel is also working in this area with its former CEO saying that the company will release a discrete GPU in 2019. This will likely be for PCs though.

The future of virtual reality is one where lots of companies are racing to offer the best solution from Microsoft working on HoloLens to Facebook’s Oculus headsets.

Apple already showed a commitment to augmented reality after it announced its ARKit at last year’s WWDC.

Expect lots more developers to start creating content for both AR and VR.

Also expect hardware like the Samsung Galaxy S10, if that gets the new GPU, to push this new content to a whole new level of immersion.

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