BREAKING NEW: Trailer Watch: Gina Rodriguez is a World-Class Thief in “Carmen Sandiego”

Gina Rodriguez is a criminal with a cause in a new trailer for “Carmen Sandiego.” The upcoming Netflix animated series sees the “Jane the Virgin” star voicing the iconic sticky-fingered globetrotter.

A student in crime school, Carmen is warned that that if she chooses the path of a professional thief “there will be no turning back.” She’s the finest student in her class, but an epiphany causes Carmen to reconsider her career trajectory. “I realized stealing isn’t a game,” she explains. “It does harm people — especially when you’re willing to steal lives.”

Carmen decides to use her skills for the greater good — and begins securing valuable artifacts around the world by stealing them before they can be stolen by someone else. She’s “a thief who only steals from other thieves,” we’re told.

Rodriguez won a Golden Globe for her role in “Jane the Virgin.” The CW telenovela will return for its fifth and final season sometime later this year. Sci-fi “Annihilation” and puberty comedy “Big Mouth” are among her other credits. Rodriguez will be seen next in Catherine Hardwicke’s “Miss Bala,” a remake of the 2011 Mexican crime thriller.

“Carmen Sandiego” drops on Netflix January 18.

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